the midnight music of a distant fifer



the midnight music of a distant fifer

the night of power is at its height
at midnight as a seeker
wanders into the sanctuary
of a lover’s heart
wanting to discover more
of the alluring mystery
and attracted by
a strange new beauty
summoning the heart
through the music of a voice
drifting in the wind
weaving and winding its way
through delicate veils
beyond words and beyond time

remembering distant sounds
of children
playing and creating
crazy worlds of fun
dancing dreams of how it feels
to be free
and young again
and to glory in being alive

Oh to touch the roseness
and the glow
of the precious vision
of the soul
to bask for just a moment
in that deeper mystery
throbbing within the heart
of the seeker
like a tiny bird
poised and ready to fall free
of the nest
to trust the wind
to spread those untried wings
and help us fly

a new energy is stirring
and awakening every sense
with delicious laughter
and a light of remembering
flashes like lightning
something so real and true
opening eyes to see it reflected
in the mirror of you

the seeker feels a yearning
an inner burning
for some mysterious essence
that refuses to be named
in an enchanting

a vision of a young gazelle
goes leaping by
harboring a musky secret
and the seeker basks
in the sweet
fragrance of life
arising within every cell
breathing every
trembling sigh in the ache
of longing

the breeze carries
a sensual and caressing touch
that sets us free
to soar and fly and follow joy
waiting for us
to come out and play
in the wondrous
fields of love

poetic expression by naomi
painting by rassouli
a distant fifer