God of Power, God of Might, God of Love, Burning Bright

00 Earth and sky At Night


God of Power, God of Might, God of Love, Burning Bright

O God of all Creation!

Creator of the heart and soul,

the body and mind,

and the Indwelling Spirit

within us!

Creator of all life

and giver of every gift,

eyes of every vision,

ears of all hearing,

breath of every moment

filling the earth

with the fragrance of flowers

and the sweet tastes

of milk and honey

You pour out upon the earth.


You create the seas and skies

and set the rivers flowing,

and yet You appear

in a tiny bird that we might

hear your sweet song

in the garden.

You come to us as a baby

sleeping in our arms

next to our hearts.

You listen to our longings

and come dancing

into our dreams.


Yet the greatest gift of all

is the generous love you share

and the tender ways you

bless each life

through the miracle

of inviting and exciting

our hearts

to love you too.


Your generous spirit

gives us wings

and summons every one

of us to dwell

in the hallowed air

of your watchful care,

to share

and become a part

of creating each new day

through divine play

to discover

the joys of your great love

and the peace of coming

home to your heart.






Painting by Rassouli