Mysterious Encounter

Mysterious Encounter

The penetration of seeing eyes
can be a deeper way
of making love
than flesh meeting flesh
could ever be.

We can be seduced by a thought,
or manipulated through fear,
and we can travel from here to there
or go anywhere
clutching an arrow of thought.

A voice can find its way
into a heart
through a song
in a way so subtle,
we are unaware
of how it slips
beyond the barriers we build.

Scents and smells take us back in time,
awakening senses to recall
and enthrall
and set us on a path
of desiring that stimulates
a hunger for more.

Longing opens a door
to places we have never seen,
faces we have never known
and lets us fly
where we have never flown.

Pure love pierces the heart
and opens the light
of the soul
as spirit touches spirit in such
a sacred way
that we are set free
and beautifully
to see with the heart.
If we could only surrender
to love.


poetic expression by
painting: Mysterious Encounter
by Rassouli