The Commander

00  99-13-theCommander


There are commandments made
by generals and royal decrees by kings.
Harems are ruled by self-appointed sultans,
and the ranks are many of those
who think they have the right
to tell others what to do.

In the world of lovers, there is only
one commander,
who is given the divine right
to speak or to command the heart,
and it is Love,
whose standing truth
and revelation
is to surrender to Love.

When the heart responds
and answers the call,
the sun rises in the heavens,
the moon reveals its glory,
and the stars wink and twinkle
and began to shine and replicate
and create new stars.
The mind is lost in a wine-colored glow,
wondering where it
thought it was going
forgetting what it was
so intent on doing.

The commander comes in beauty
quietly in the night,
charming and disarming,
with violets woven in the ringlets
of flowing curls,
that will not be subdued
nor chained or restrained by braids
or ribbons or jewels,
nor will it follow rules
of propriety.
Love’s laughing hair flies
in the face of society
following only
the freedom of the wind!

O lovers! Be aware of the snare
of disordered orders
from one who wants to control
or meet a goal!
Listen to the sweet song
of the nightingale
who knows the rose
and the sensuous petals
of the heart
that blossom and bare the beauty
of love’s mysteries
to the beloved alone.

poetic expression by Naomi
visual image by Rassouli

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