Sacred Journey


Sacred Journey

The Beloved is waiting for us
within our hearts,
arising like the sun
to shine a light
on our own radiance
that longs to be revealed
and expressed
through the life we
have been given.

Beauty is a beacon
that beckons and attracts beauty
that is veiled and innocent,
sheltered in the shadows
and beliefs
that cloud the mirror
our own image.

Love is the clear window
that reveals the
inner light
surrounding our hearts
our freedom
to share and express its
deepest treasures.

Give the gift of your love
and never count
the cost or loss,
for love replenishes,
renews, and multiplies
its value.
It is an investment
in life itself.

The golden light of love
welcomes us
with open arms
and open hearts,
and suddenly, we recognize
the eyes of God
are looking through
our own.

poetic expression by Naomi
painting by Rassouli
“Sacred Journey”