Gateway to Eternity


Gateway to Eternity

With all the wisdom we encounter
in our wandering
as seekers in the world,
we long to express
and share the treasures
that we discover along the way,
hoping to enlighten others
with all we have found.

God surely has a sense of humor,
for the truth we seek
has been hidden within us,
and we are the only
faithful follower sitting at the feet
of the Beloved
within our own hearts.

Every pilgrimage leads us home
from where we began
to discover
we are the lover we seek,
and the beloved,
who dwells in the sheltering love
forever yearning to be
free to love.

All uncertainty comes
from turning away from God,
from running away
from the fullness of divine love
of the One who pursues us,
for it is impossible
to believe
we could be so loved.

The Beloved is the ultimate,
the highest
and the clearest love,
given as a gift of grace,
as the voice of God,
infused so delicately into our hearts
telling us stories
and serenading us
with love songs
all about how perfectly
we are loved.

The deep well,
the flowing river,
the spring within us,
the effervescent fountain
bubbling from the locus of our being
is the breathless beauty
that is God
showering us with Love,
the Source
from which all Life flows.

The Allness of Love
is incomprehensible,
so we become the Lover
that draws the Ocean of Spirit,
the ever flowing river
through all that we are,
allowing Love to settle and center,
becoming a glowing essence
within and surrounding
the heart,
the ever expanding presence
in the hallowed chambers
of the sacred interior
in the sanctuary
of love.

When we see another
through the vision of the heart,
the door swings open
inviting us
to cross the threshold
into the Oneness
of the heart of our own

The flaming sword guarding the gate
of paradise is removed,
and the secret garden blossoms
into the Joy
of an eternal spring
where lovers live forever
and ever and ever.

poetic expression by Naomi
painting by Rassouli
“Gateway to Eternity”