A Song of Surrendering


I curl into the sacred sanctuary
and softness
of the peace and stillness
of your countenance.
I breathe deeply,
drawing from the divine depth
and breadth
of your caring love.

I sigh and cry and dissolve
into your beauty,
lifted in a new energy,
as I see through your eyes,
cradled in the haven
and warmth of your sacred heart,
a heart ever open
to all who love you and
dare to enter.

Crossing the threshold,
i flow into love
that will never leave me,
and never let me go,
for everything is changed and new,
as i melt into
the alchemy of the gentle fire
that burns away the tarnish
of the world i tried
to make alone, on my own.

i can do nothing without love,
nor would i presume to try,
not anymore, not now,
for i had so little understanding
of what surrendering
would truly mean,
as i heard the prayer pouring
from my lips.

The light of spirit
has become my placelessness,
the glowing membrane
of divine skin,
the invisible placenta of heaven,
that surrounds
and provides all i will ever
need to live,
forever giving
birth to the spirit of love.

i am new and more alive
than i have ever been,
moved by the
throbbing impulse
of creation,
and the divine intention
and glory of love.