beyond flight, beyond wings, beyond everything


O my beautiful ones,
my dear ones,
light is shining out
from the eyes of love,
like the face of the crystal
reflecting the light of the rainbow
hidden in form!

Do you know who you are?

Do you remember the Source of Light
beyond the sun?

Do you remember how Love
brought you into being?

A million paths are open
for you to find your way home.
Which one will you choose?

With each new birth,
your wandering ways are imprinted
in the sands of the desert
and then blown away by the winds.
Each river that flows to the sea
disappears in the sea.

How is love guiding you?

If you follow a person, a book, or a name,
each will vanish before you
and leave you standing before
a vast empty darkness
within yourself,

Has love befriended you?
Have you become a friend to love?
If you love a person, a book, or a name,
love will guide you
beyond the person, beyond the book,
beyond all names,
beyond the sun,
beyond the whirling one,
beyond the beggar having fun
and teasing you.

If you follow your lover,
you become a lover,
until the lover disappears,
and in your longing
beyond time,
you become love,

Love is eternally flowing spirit
appearing and disappearing
taking any form
it likes to charm and disarm
your illusions,
to quiet your endless talking
and fascination with
your self.

Love is forever expanding,
and as it does,
so does the universe,
and so do we,
for love is paradise
here on earth and beyond.

Love is who we are
and who we are meant to be.
Love is the kingdom.
Love is the song we sing.
Love is everything.