Formed by Unseen Hands

Formed by Unseen Hands

When all I thought I had is gone
and it seems
all is nothingness,
I hold a child to my heart,
sing a song of freedom,
breathe in the living scent of the earth
rock in the rhythmic waves of love,
bask in the open sky,
and watch the clouds streaming
like silken strands of hair
in the winds of heaven.

I savor the soothing coolness of water
that quenches a deeper thirst,
taste the living bread
from which I have been formed,
find a quiet place
to lay my head,
and my heart remembers
the true abundance of love.
I drop the robe of worldly disguise,
and let the eyes of love
bless the nakedness of my truth
in the moonlight.

I feel the spirit ever flowing
in the secret spaces
where delight hides in holy anticipation
and a growing elation
that waits to appear in nearness
that manifests miracles
of belovedness to revive and
renew my heart.

The presence of the One
pierces the illusion of my life,
tenderly lifts the shadows
of an old self,
now dying on the cross of time,
sweeps through me
with the breath,
that breathes All that lives,
infusing my heart
with compassion and grace,
with divine intention
beyond my human knowing
and fills me with truth
so sweet,
I gratefully surrender.

I have no way of knowing
what is a good and right way to live
for another soul.
I only know the moment
of my own becoming,
when my heart awakens in the flow
of another heart,
that answers a longing
that grew from the beginning of time,
when light first fell upon
this universe.

I can only sing of a love so great,
so bountiful, so inspiring,
I touch a silence within,
blessing and lifting me
to dwell in heaven
illumined in the curving arc
of spiraling arms
of light and revelation
to live in deep adoration
and inexpressible joy.