Heart of my Heart

Heart of my Heart

O heart of my heart!
Crimson vision flowing
in the wine,
blinding my eyes,
you capture
my soul!

You leap from my chest
dressed in a gown of love,
from the dreams
of my longing,
playing my weakness
for beauty
like a harp.

You attract me, entice me,
and coax me
inviting me to create
with you,
to surrender to the rhythm
of the dance!
What chance do I have
to resist your call?

Your love draws me like a magnet!
I feel your longing
for all that I am,
calling for all that I own,
and to freely surrender
whatever may dwell
your heart and mine.

The purity of the wine
washes over me in a wave of light,
and I am lost in love
that surrounds
and overwhelms me
in the sea
of the beloved.

I drown in the flashing
storm in the wine
adrift in what
I thought was mine alone.
I surrender my name,
renounce the illusion of fame
and die to the world.

You take me gently
in your arms
awakening me to a new life,
as I open my eyes
in the crimson paradise
of your heart.

poetic expression by Naomi

visual expression by Rassouli