Love guides us out of the darkness


O dear ones, lay down your stones
and end the foolishness
of casting judgement
upon another’s way of life.
Is there one among us
who is free of sin?
Be not afraid
of what you
cannot understand.

Hear the voice of love
and feel the eyes of the beloved
gazing only at your heart.
Abundance awaits you
at every turn.
Love heals the blindness
unable to behold
your beauty.

The nightingale sings its song
for the rose within you,
and the moon casts a glow
upon the garden
for all to see
longing to set you free.

The sun rises at dawn
giving light and warmth
to everyone,
and the water of life falls
upon the land.

Bathe in the cleansing
river of love
and feel the beauty
of the innocence within
your hearts.

Follow the secret path
of your longing
and receive the anointing
of love that will not let you go,
for you are never far
from my sight.

Come be my love
and create
with me.