Come enter
into the sacred
womb of the universe
from which
all creativity emerges.

Come feel the cosmic waves
of creation
flowing from a Source
so deep
you will only feel
its empowering energy
through the
generosity and grace
of love.

If you come to steal the fire
from the heart
of God,
you will be burned by it.
If you come to touch
the healing power of divine love,
to be changed by it,
you will receive
the golden light of the fire
from the divine alchemy
of the beloved,
who will welcome
you inside.
Come to communion
for love.
Share your deepest longings,
freely and openly,
and trust
through faith,
that they will be heard.
Love is the key
that opens the door
to your heart.
Love will hear
your confession,
listen to your prayers,
forgive your shortcomings,
heal your wounds
and become
your dearest
The world will offer to sell you
a thousand solutions,
but only the absolution
that love can give
will free you.
Come and see
where all will kneel
side by side at the altar
of the heart
of the beloved
in the unity of all
that is sacred.

poetic expression by Naomi

painting by Rassouli