Mystery of the Universe

Mystery of the Universe

The touch of the Beloved
is concealed in the mystery,
hidden in the sensuous intimacy
and softness of a gentle breeze.

The Beloved finds the secret places
beneath your worldly robe
awakening every cell
with the life-giving touch of love.

No one in the world knows
your heart’s longing
like the One whose divine breath
is whispering your freedom.

In the midst of crowded streets,
and high sounding words,
the lips of love may
silence you with a kiss.

Words scatter in the wind
like a flurry of wings,
and the air is filled
with the rising scent of pine.

The earth is bathed in warmth
when the Beloved appears,
and eyes glisten with love
and the joy of tears.

Divine presence drowns a scholar,
gives birth to a lover,
turns a preacher
into a silent hymn of prayer.

One particle of the Beloved
transforms the whole of creation.
Life stirs in barren soil,
and beauty blooms from the dust.

We gaze in enraptured awe
into eyes that others cannot yet see,
surrendering to the Beloved,
who whispers our name.