the beloved

Dawn breaks and spreads an empty sky for us to manifest another image, another story, a graphic, in music, in poetry, in a work of love and charity, in countless ways ……..and it offers an open sky to write the seeds of something new of the beloved across an expanse that never ends…..the sky of the soul………….the winehouse of the heart…….

Love wells up in the heart and spills out in dancing colors and waves of movement always new……..

i feel the words forming at my fingertips dancing onto the page ….as each movement creates some new image of the beloved…some new expression of love that gives the heart a face and a voice……brings feeling into a rushing flow of enchantment that can never be contained.

Love will break every boundary we ever build to try and control it or imprison it….. i can feel my heart surrender to its passage…and i open to it with excitement and energy and overwhelming love….to greet the beloved.

Those who are afraid may try to stop it, but love will find its way through any fortress we build to keep it out.

When we are willing lovers….the beloved is filled with joy to play with us….to delight us….surprise us…and to come in a new way to see if we recognize the beauty of the Great Oneness who embraces us with the spiraling arms of heaven….and the turning embrace of the beauty of the earth.

the beloved comes in our dreams to see if we recognize the beloved one….like love catching us in a dance of hide and seek….teases us to come find where love is hiding. We are never outside love…never….it is only that we look with our outer eyes and our thinking gets in our way.

We never know where that belovedness will appear or make itself known in our heart. Every day, every moment, this rush of love pummels us…like playful punches…brings a smile to our lips, a light in our eyes, and playfully strums and drums a new rhythm in our hearts.

It is a thrilling beginning to every day…and once we know the beauty of it….the truth of it…..when faith extends the reach of our vision…..and hope prepares us for its coming…..we share a life with the beloved that is beyond everything.

The threads are woven into a tapestry of love………golden strands…..silver strands……….colors we have never seen….swirls caught by the breeze of a lover’s breath…..floating, drifting, dreaming, landing gently before a child’s eyes that never doubt the wonder of what they see until someone tells them it is not real.

It is more real than anything we will ever know….love is an infinitely creative lover…and our joy is to stay open for the surprise.

What gift could touch it or come close to the ever expanding light of the beloved dancing through our hearts?

paintings by rassouli

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3 Responses to “the beloved”

  1. samcrowart Says:

    thankyou so much for all your beautiful words, they move me completely and make me sigh for the Beloved…..x

  2. Ray Says:


    fabulous words and images! my belated response is only because i spend so little time doing email these days. thank you for keeping faith.

    love, ray

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      Thank you, Ray! We all have learned in the family to find expression through the words we share from our hearts….however we express them! It is life-giving!

      Love, Naomi

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