Energies of Creation

Energies of Creation

The deep healing emerald light of the earth,
the midnight blue of the night sky
aglow with dancing stars
in the presence
of the witnessing light
of the moon,
all announce the moment of arrival
of the Beloved,
the wine of love is
overflowing from the heart,
wearing a crown
as golden as the sun,
veiled in the clouds
that surround the coming
of the sacred One,
all are anointed in the flowing
current of the purity
of Spirit,
all mingle in the spiraling
of a magnificent
moment of awakening
to a new life,
when heaven and earth,
human and divine,
unite in glorious ecstasy
and beauty
giving birth to the innocence
of pure love
in the sacred chamber
of the heart
of lover and beloved
creating a new beginning
for humankind
at dawn.


painting by Rassouli
“Energies of Creation”

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