Love calls my soul to fly

A timeless love song from Rumi

There is a day that will come
when humanity will circle humanity
with its newly recognized soul.
The connection will come through the sky,
for it does not come from knowingness,
but from a boundless source of infinite love.

The essence of existence comes through the lover.
The blooming of love’s meaning
is a hidden thing that comes through
the vessel of the body.
It is a birth.
True life begins with spring.
The skin opens to allow
the beauty of the soul to bloom.
Love is an infinite well.
It is divinity expressing itself.
Love thrives on variation
and is always new.

There is a great sound coming from the sky.
We hear the thunder
as the clouds gather moisture
and fill with pools of collected tears.
There is a sound hidden within the sound
that is calling forth the wings of the soul to fly.

Only the power of love can teach us to fly.

The air of spring is soft, and it softens the body
to prepare it to fall in love.
The newness stirs us to create,
to feel love.
The power of love is needed
to penetrate the earth,
to conceive and give birth,
to allow the seed to come forth.

The sound rolling from the sky
is to awaken the earth.
The bird breaks free from the cage
to fly to the unknown.

There is such power in spring.
It arrives to bring love.
Our hearts are bursting from our chests
and life begins to push up
through the ground as it blooms
with the glorious beauty of spring.
The light pulls and draws us upwards.
It is the creative power
of attraction
that draws everything
toward the light.

Love frees our hearts from confinement
and releases us to fly
in all directions.

This is how the rocks and stones become
the mine of rubies
and how all bodies become souls.
The whole earth becomes the mine of the ruby
and of the precious stones.

Our barriers come from getting caught
in the rocks and stones.
All limitations begin to break apart
and are demolished into ruins.
This is the moment when our dreams
begin to expand.
This happens as human beings
become earth-giving and creative.
This happens as the sea
is filled with raindrops and pearls.

We surrender our physical power
into the benevolence
and spiritual greatness
of the beloved.

The greatest power,
the greatest asset,
the creative power of love
stands far above every other power.

We disappear in love.
We dissolve and melt into it.
We expand the power of love
through our love for one another.
We express that energy
by allowing the power of love
to manifest through us.

We let the love expand us for everyone.
The body becomes all soul.

The hearts of lovers are shining
in pure brightness.
The clouds are the veil for pain and sorrow,
for grief and longing.
The pain of love is concentrated
and condensed.
It cannot be set aside.

The pain is like an expanding storm,
a dark cloud inside of lovers,
and the lovers become like the cloud
that forms the body.

The lightning of love flashes and changes
the face of the world.
It changes winter into spring.
The lightning of the heart illuminates
the darkness inside of us.
The lightning must strike from the inside
to spark the fire within.

To become a lover,
we must submit
to feeling the pain of love,
for if we do not surrender,
we are unable to become anything at all,
and we will never know where we are going.

That is the meaning of this journey
here on earth.
We are called to awaken
to how the heart carries the light
of love within it.

When the lightning flashes,
it is like the clouds are pregnant,
waiting to give birth and to release
the seed to earth.
The heart gathers the clouds around it.
When the beloved
shines through the clouds in the heart,
it is radiant with beauty.

It is like seeing moonlight appearing
through the clouds,
for the light veiled in the clouds
is far more beautiful to behold
than the moon alone.

We need to accept the purpose of pain,
the agony of it,
to feel and perceive the beauty
that is created from pain.

We allow justice to develop.
If we have not felt the side of injustice,
we cannot know the other side.
True justice is only possible,
when we endure the sting of the salt
to know the taste of sweetness.

When pain appears, we become focused
on getting rid of the pain.
We find new pains appearing
and multiplying.
Pain becomes our problem,
standing in the way
of love’s healing power.
Pain awakens us,
expands our awareness
of the grace and beauty of love.

The pain of love leads us
to the pinnacle of joy.

Justice that flows through inclusive love
guides us to the truth and freedom
of divine justice.

Our loving is meant to bring light
to the darkness of our hearts.
This is our reason for being,
that whatever we do
will expand in the darkness
and reflects the light to all.

Creativity comes.
Human beings are meant to reflect
and explode with that brightness!
The eyes of the lover see the lover
and there are dark clouds in them.
Tears gather and pool in those eyes,
and then the moon appears,
and they begin to fall to earth.
Now the earth is watered by the tears of Love!

Spring helps to develop the moon.
so the light of the beloved appears.

This is the true joy of life!

The brightness follows the clouds
to reveal the greatness of the gift of life.
We have winter so spring will be brighter
and more wonderful
than it ever could be alone.
The lightning strikes
as the sound of laughter.

Justice as we know it rises out of injustice.
If there is no injustice, there will be no justice.

The power and purpose of love is
to reflect the light and to expand the light
in the darkness.

We need to confront the darkness.
The Power of One is born from opposition.
The Power of Love leads the possibility
of change and transformation.

Just imagine when these clouds cry.
What a joy they create as they pour out on the ground!
The clouds assist all lovers
in helping them to pierce the darkness.
Imagine the excitement when the drops of rain appear!
Imagine when the lightning hits,
how many are affected by the light!
It is a power that keeps on flowing and expanding.

The energy that develops the power
of new life in the spring
is the same energy that develops in lovers.
Divine lovers charged with this energy
can transform the world!

It is the essence of resurrection.
It is the mission of love to give us new birth.
It develops the image into infinite power.
One drop sets the earth spinning
and turns it upside down.

It is that potent.

It is one drop creating oneness
anointing the whole earth.

When the whole earth is is in ruins,
love creates something new and magnificent.
Every particle is filled
with the quivering beauty
and energy of love.

It is in that moment, we become one of those
who dwell on Noah’s Ark,
and we become a confidante of the storm.

Anyone who shares in the spring of love
feels the flow of the fountain,
and they will have a place
in the sheltering refuge of the Ark.

The danger of the storm is
no longer there for us.
We are delivered from the turbulence of the storm.
We become initiators of the storm.
We become the catalyst that sets it loose.
Noah experienced this divine love,
and he lived a thousand years.

Divine love is the essence
of eternal life.

If the storm was not moving as a storm moves,
the wheel of heaven would not be turning.
The universe would not revolve.

It is from the wave that is far beyond
the realm of place where we release
the restrictions of the world,
so that it might become a world of six directions
that flows north and south
and east and west and up and down.

The movement of one drop
from the tears of divine love
comes from a placeless dimension
that moves the physical realm.
The storm moves in the sky
and sets loose waves of tenderness
and compassion that come
from placelessness and includes
everything within its embrace.

Cry the tears,
release the longing,
and bear the sadness
to be make room to receive.

It is time for joy!
It is time to receive the love!
There is nothing that does not change and grow.
Every seed will change form.

In the physical world,
we are all connected to the beloved.
We are within the beloved,
and the beloved is within us.

Every seed has the power to grow.
It is the hope of development,
the hope of expansion,
and that hope is always with us.

It is for everyone.

If we don’t reach the fullness in this physical life,
we will reach it another dimension,
for the seed will flourish and become a garden
within our hearts.
The love of the beloved is the treasure.

We can be happy or sad for things,
for we know the seeds
hidden beneath the ground
will have their turn.

We emerge from the dust of the earth,
and we sense the coming waves.
One day, the seed will push its head out of the ground.
It will begin to bloom and develop the reach
that spreads sweetness and grace.
Even if two or three branches are dry,
the rest will become pregnant and bear fruit.
Every seed filled with life
will at some point
emerge from the ground.
Some will come slowly and some quickly.

Joy comes to the soul!
Become the joy and the happiness of blossoming.
We are in a process of being and becoming.
Change is constant.
Love is the fire we need for transformation.
When the dry branches come to life,
they take a different form.

The divine energy is so mysterious,
so infinitely mysterious.
We are mystified by it,
and it is mystified by itself.
We are drunk
and bewildered by love.

We will experience the creative power
that comes with freedom.
One who is not one thing enters into it
and becomes something else.
The lightning of longing
will set loose our becoming.
If the seed doesn’t grow this year,
it will grow next year.

This only takes place through
the gift the freedom of choice
to surrender to the process
of creative expansion.
The Creator chooses when to command
and when not to command.

The true essence of pure love
is the ultimate creative power
and joy of existence.


Creative play from the verses of Rumi
from the Divan of Shams
original translations by Rassouli,
playful rendering in English
by Naomi and Rassouli

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