Divine Union


Love manifests where it will,
suspended in dimensions
beyond the mind,
a placelessness more
more powerful
than the random
realm of the dream.

Love’s longing can create
a century
of its own design,
suspended in timelessness,
empowered by the heart
where lovers unite.

Will I know the beloved
and feel the burning
in my heart when we meet?
Will the beloved know me?
Will I know love’s touch
and fragrance?

Will I hear the beauty
of that dear voice
that stirs me so,
when we have a chance
to speak
and embrace?

O heart!
Set us on the shore
of a new world
and surround us
with the familiar fragrance
of the soul
that blesses our union.

O beloved one,
guide me to the heart I seek!
Create the beauty
that is ours to share
and grant us
this moment of joy
that only love can give!

poetic expression
by Naomi

painting by rassouli
“Divine Union”

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