Liturgy of Loving

O You with Vision!
What an incredible creation we truly are
in all our variation and complexity
blending with the elements
and stuff of life!

What magnificence you conceal
behind the veil of the clouds
waiting to shine forth
to draw us
into your loving arms!

O to lay my head on the chest
of the universe
that hides
your loving heart!

O what wonder flows
from every brush stroke you make
creating every golden hair
that is tossed by
the winds in the gentle sweetness
of the breath of spirit
flowing from your lips!

What visions spring forth
from the nest of colors resting
in the mystery of your imagination
with gardens
springing from your hands
like blossoms
in the morning sun!

What rainbows of beauty appear
in the light
of love pouring through
my heart like wine!

Swing open the gate of every heart
and let the sacred waters
of life fill each cup
with beauty!

My spirit flies to your arms
and surrounds you
with clouds
caressing the secrets
of your
soul of light.