Dear One

Dear One

When your veiled words
of love enter
the light of my open heart,
they swing like unfurled curls
set free to be the sweetest sounds
in all the world.

The soft longing sighs
whispered so long ago leap
across the centuries,
arrive in my ear as you appear
on the wings
of a lover’s song.

Perched like hope in the lacy
tips of the tallest tree,
you manifest in the nest
of the secret space in my heart
that love has prepared
for thee.

The wind tenderly draws aside
the veil that hides
the waiting lips and eager
glance watching for love
in the glow
of a midnight moon.

Suddenly, you are in my arms
resting your head
upon the pillow of my heart,
and love is spinning the beauty
of an eternal moment
into being.

Disguised in the eyes
of the beloved,
the mind cannot see or know
what the lover sees
or how the heart feels
what is real.

The hand of God weaves
the secrets
into threads of heaven’s light
so radiant at night
in the lantern of the heart
of the beloved.

There is no greater intimacy
than the bliss of a kiss from thee
shared beneath the canopy
of the arching moon
and the sheltering brow
only lover’s see.

The circle of lovers conspire
to guard the fire
that sets the garden ablaze
with flames of delight
where the lover plays
beneath the cover of night.

Only a truly surrendered heart
opens the gate to paradise.
Only a lover’s sighs
bring the spring that blooms
to prepare for the hair
of the beloved.

The story is told in words of gold
linked by a chain
from soul to soul to soul
concealed in the mist
of those kissed
by the beloved’s lips.

The gate is locked to those
who make the claim
to know the commandments
of love, for no one,
except God alone, knows
the secrets of the rose.

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