My Beloved

My Beloved

Behind my eyes,
I enter into a silent awareness
that opens into a vast expanse
of peaceful presence,
an invisible receptiveness
that is open to whatever I bring
to a horizon
of infinite possibilities.

It is a welcoming darkness
that holds a space
for my longings, my prayers,
my dreams,
and for a deep desiring
that is still unknown to me.

This is a sacred emptiness
prepared for me
where I feel protected and safe,
like a great friendship,
a perfect listening,
a sacred placelessness
of grace.

It invites me to come before
an unseen altar,
this infinity that exists
beyond the edge of the universe,
beyond the world
I know and recognize,
simply to be.

I become aware of my own heartbeat,
a gentle breathing,
a stirring movement
within me
that arises out of my
deep gratitude for this gift
of pure freedom.

I experience a recognition
of this source
out of which I came,
a rush of feeling washes
through me like a wave
filling me with remembrance
of a great light and the warmth
of being embraced
and held.

My heart quickens, and I feel
a rhythm, like a drumbeat
of awakening.
The darkness begins to lift
like a curtain or a veil,
an aura of light emanates from
an unseen source.

An overwhelming flow
of energy and feeling flood
my being,
and in a flash of timelessness,
I feel vibrant and alive,
and I remember love.

Words are only the visual seed
of what cannot be expressed,
beyond that, they are
the dark matter
of this great energy
surrounding me.

Color is the blush of creation
that appears to me
in infinite ways,
the gifts of a hidden
beingness that gives me life
and watches over me.

My heart opens to this great life,
as it streams into my soul
filling me with
the light of belovedness
teeming with seeds
sheltering a longing
to be born.

The welcoming womb
within me
instinctively opens
to receive the holy seeds
of light seeking
life through this channel,
this passageway
that I am.

I have been created for this,
and the deep knowing
written upon my heart sets
a miracle in motion,
as my body is guided
to do what
it knows how to do.

I surrender to the great wisdom
of the giver of all life
and feel the fulfillment
of union
that gives purpose
and meaning beyond all
my miniscule dreams.

I am allowed to share in the surprise
of seeing through the eyes
that envision and create
what mine cannot.
I am blessed to feel the flow
of a rivering stream
of new life
coursing through
all that I am.

This is the holy moment
when I cry out a resounding yes
to life, and the words are
formed by love
that touches love inside
of me, and I cry
tears of great joy in
the surrendering release.

I am flooded with sweet ecstasy,
a glorious volcano
erupting from my heart
sending sparks
of love into the womb
of darkness
to decorate the sky.

Deep within me, I know
this is paradise,
the heaven for which
we were made,
this is the beloved for which
we were created,
and no higher bliss
than this exists.

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