Monarch of Love

A new monarch of paradise spreads

her wings to dry

in the gentle breezes of the garden.

Emerging from the earth

and sky and sea,

this beauty of flowing spirit

feels her belonging to all worlds at once,

conceived from the timeless

longings of love

touching the halo of the sun,

she is created from

the ethereal delicacy of flight,

from the sweet fragrance

of the breath of the beloved

fusing and forming

wings like petals of exotic flowers

into a new kind of being.

She is a warrior of the heart,

an angel of the constellations,

a blossoming tenderness

of compassion,

an expression of the beloved’s love

for all creation.

She is a vision of the membranes

of divine imagination,

weaving colors into cosmic veils

thinning into wings

of possibility,

of generosity and grace.

She is the fusion

of all hearts.

Painting by Rassouli

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