dear friend

dear friend

tears falling from i know not where

i fell asleep with a prayer on my lips….feeling lost and spent
everything ruined around me
bound by whatever keeps
these feet rooted in the earth
and this heart entwined in a spreading beauty
with a hundred thousand names
where every nerve ending becomes unrestrained longing
for that which is unknown and undefined
and all i can do is keep surrendering

i sometimes feel the blood of the heart mixing
with the streaming spirit to give life
to what cannot be expressed
and i feel the dissolving stone melting a ruby that is me
rubbed raw by the waves of divine agitation
that form the pearl
in this strange dwelling place inside of me

it is like a breath born on a mist
from a mythical dream of the invisible
and i carry it……. inside of me… a dim awareness
of a deep longing
that reaches for some kind of creative expression
as the parrot reaches for sugar
as the nightingale reaches for the rose
like rumi reaches for shams
and hafiz reaches for the friend that brings the light
as the cypress reaches for the sky
and a child reaches for its own becoming

it pulls me apart particle by particle
leaves me trembling…and empty
waiting for an unseen stream of invisible energy
to move and flow through me
to fill the emptiness

i become awake to an impossible truth
that i am pregnant with whatever gives birth to spring
bearing an innocence inside
of whatever makes the sun give birth to light
a magnificent flame that makes all life
reach for life
a wild fire that burns a path in me
toward that which is nameless
no wonder it is called a madness
an all consuming love that colors the clouds
that entices and lures the waves to rise and fall
in an endless rolling rhythm to the shore
a wildness that sparks and ignites a lightning
and bewilders it to shatter
and to break apart….. scattering inside a cloud

somehow….in some unexplainable way
my longing attracts a fiery arrow of light
that pierces my heart………and captures my soul
an agonizing ecstasy that annihilates whoever i was
whoever i am…..that i cannot even name

i surrender and give in
unequivocally….without defense
to this presence

you will have to show me who i am
to tell me…to sing to me
to cast some reflection my way
to illuminate and mirror the vision
for me to see
to reveal who is looking through these eyes

grant me a glance to answer
the eternal longing that is reaching for
a great friendship that can only be seen and felt
from one heart to another heart

“pillars of life”
by rassouli

2 Responses to “dear friend”

  1. Sadiq Says:

    This carry a sweet fragrance that is so intense that it can be painful.
    oh sweet longing!

    love to you dear one.

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    and to you…..appearing as a ray of light that reflects a greater One like the moon

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