Visions of Love

Visions of Love

If a line of light were to flow out

from every cell in my body

they would all align

with the belovedness

out of which I am created

and the beauty of the songs

the beloved sings

would spiral into my heart and soul

creating pathways

where we would walk

in meadows of peace and sunlight

as valleys of unimagined places

would unfold before us

spreading a carpet of colors

where new worlds

are spun

from the glance

of the beloved.

Wonders spill from hearts

that fall

into the visions

of lovers’ dreaming eyes

and rain upon

the earth as light.


photographs by sadiq

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2 Responses to “Visions of Love”

  1. Carol Burton Says:

    Your poetry and photo’s are very inspirational. I enjoy them alot and they bring me a positive attitude on my rough days.

    Thank you for sharing your sight with everyone!

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      How good to see you here in my little garden where I share my joy!
      Thank you for your kind words….and for looking after Lantern Square, which gives me my own little corner of the world where I can create!
      Love, Naomi

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