The Light of Love Burning Within Us

I am visualizing an image of a sun with the light streaming out in all directions and reflecting on the spiritual heart that has unlimited potential for expansion.
If God’s love extends to All Creation, it blesses the entire world, and as something new is created and born in the world, it is conceived and born flowing from that love. As we are created in the image of God, our heart expands with God’s love to All that is created, to every form of life that exists in every location across the universe.
The true value of consciousness is awakening to this life-giving energy and flow within each life and in remembering the Source out of which this love flows, which creates the cycle of returning energy to Love God, so that a self-perpetuating cycle is created for the eternal flow of Love.
Loving God, loving our neighbor, loving all that is created, creates a rhythmic flow that circumnavigates the globe, the solar system, the galaxies, and everything that exists and creates the power of spin.
If belief systems, laws, rules, and names that comprise every religion become exclusive in saying this is the only way to love, and only a certain name or figure can save us, we have a block in the flow of light moving out from our hearts. We cannot love All if we cling to a limited belief. Each can be a step toward a larger love, to help us continue to expand and develop this love. If our love for God is the guide for the light flowing from our hearts, then it will become more and more inclusive as we grow and open to its grace.

Our single most important act in this life is to say Yes to the gift of this flow, and to surrender consciously and willingly to be a channel for this creative energy to All that exists, to Creation, to our neighbors, to ourselves, and to God. As this happens, we are purified and the passage is cleared of whatever is blocking the flow. We say Yes to being loved, even though we may feel unworthy. We are humbled and grateful to be so loved, and it inspires us to share it in whatever ways we have been prepared to share it.
Names dissolve in the sea of love, and our essence pools in the streaming light that illuminates everything around us, and the love is magnified and multiplied and embraces and surrounds all life in the expanding spiral of the spirit of love. It is a force that is stronger than anything else in the world. It has no opposite. It casts out all fear and any desire we might have had to keep anything for ourselves, for whatever reason.

Whatever happens to us in life, we choose love, because it is love that is the energy of life, and it is love that keeps it flowing. We turn to the heart to guide us as to how this moves our life forward and how it manifests in the world. When we turn inward, we are infused with the love of God that created us from the sun that shines from within, ever guiding us through the spiritual heart.

We become the messengers of the Creator of All Life, and we shine with the light and love that it is our grace and fortune to receive and experience, and we let it flow through us to others, creating the pathway for the continual flow of the energy and spirit of love that sustains our lives.


painting by rassouli

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