The Invisible Realm of Love

Enchantment of the heart by the spirit of the love of the beloved is one of those miracles that cannot be explained to one, who is infatuated with their own mind. It is a language of love that extends beyond one’s own seeing, a flight of spirit that needs no object, no manifested form to expand, and it has the potential to create something totally new that never existed before… visualize….to draw color and form like a magnet to form around the flowing spirit of love.

The invisible spirit flows in an unseen dimension, touching us in a way that we speak of in human terms, but it is beyond our physical existence, an emanation like the fragrance drifting from an opening flower… the wind that moves the clouds….or the breeze that plays with our hair. It is a point where the visible and invisible touch….a moment of encounter that changes both.

When a heart opens and love of the purest kind radiates its essence, it creates an aura, an ethereal glow that cannot be seen. It can be felt….perceived by another heart that is open to receive it and recognize it as loving essence…..and the spirits mingle as an experience of Love flowing from the Beloved that allows us to share in the beauty of grace that enlivens every cell and awakens us to life beyond what we can see.

The literal minded person knows only a one-dimensional world and refuses to believe in anything else….because the only way one can maintain control is to believe that everything flows from their own knowing…..their own certainty.
Longing expands the deeper senses that allow us to perceive another existence. Faith is allowing for something that cannot be proven or substantiated. Faith allows for the unseen and the unknown and for “the otherness” that moves between dimensions.
How can anyone give themselves up to what is unseen? To the literal mind it can seem unbalanced…..a self-deception…..a projection…..a delusion, and they are quick to criticize and disprove it. It is unthinkable to live in a world of unknowns.

Interaction is closed with this mind-set. It is a one-way passage of words. There is no circulating pattern, no two-way interchange, no flowing one to the other, becoming larger from the beauty of another way of seeing and feeling, for there can be no expanding of the spirit in one who clings to narrow margins and closed boundaries with absolute certainty. One coming from the mind alone can use words that echo a partial truth, but they will never allow another possibility into the equation or description. The limited rational mind shuts out any other possibility. It attempts to smother the fresh air of the freedom of the invisible…..and in doing so tries to act as a barrier to the flowing spirit of love inviting us to more. It is mind saying no to the Spirit… order to be right…to be the one who knows. It is a dead end.

In the possibilities of the ever-flowing spirit, there is no end. This is the glorious beauty of the love of the beloved. It is the breath of freedom and the grace of the eternal.

Painting by Rassouli
“Greeting the Dawn”

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