a day honoring love

a day honoring love

every day is a day
to honor love
every hour and every moment
as the beauty pervades all that is
infusing every heart that exists
with love
for when we allow the spirit
to gaze with love through our eyes
that which is looked upon
becomes love
as the gaze awakens
enlivens and calls us to life
and stirring the heart
to remember
the love from which it
is formed

the water of life turns to wine
the scent of musk rises from the heart
the warmth of the breath
becomes a kiss upon the eyes
the wine becomes
the taste of the lips
of the beloved
and the sound of the voice
that vibrates
with pure love
becomes the living word of truth
to our listening hearts

the miracles flow forth in endless ways
to express what cannot
be expressed
and we disappear
from the sight
of the outer eyes
falling into the deep mystery
of the beloved

we don’t fall in love
we fall into that infinite
and glorious chamber of love
in the magnificent heart
of the beloved

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