You are my answering Prayer

Oh Beloved One!
The winter winds do not chill my soul
when I feel your
encircling elegance.
The warmth of your heart
becomes my cushioning grace,
and I am home.

The voices of many people,
who know my name,
cannot compare
with the sound of your breathing
that brings such sweetness
to my hearing.

Silence holds the revelation
and the sensation
of delicacy,
the transparency of spirit
that quiets
all restlessness
within me.

O my Beloved!
You are my answering prayer,
the pearl of my existence,
the sweet subsistence,
a treasury of intimacy and nearness
beyond my deepest dreams.

You are the feast prepared
for me by the hand of creation,
the anointing and crowning
of my kingdom,
the cup of communion
over with love.

O Beloved One!
Would that I could sing
of the precious mysteries of your love
filling the petals
of the wild rose of my heart
with the golden light
of all that you are.

painting by rassouli
“light of the mystic”

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