Wandering in your love

Wandering in the rose gardens of love

Oh my beloved, you flow through us
as streams of living water,
as life-giving love,
regenerating, remaking, and renewing us
as the flowing spirit of life
trickling over and around all
obstacles in our way,
wearing away the stones obscuring
your grace,
Dissolve all that confines me,
imprisons me,
and appear as falling tears
melting all that
has not yet turned to you
within myself and in the world.

Roll away the stone
that veils you from our sight
in my nightly vigil of watching for you,
straining to see with my eyes
what my heart knows and feels
when you are near.

You tenderly touch our blossoming,
as you wander through
the garden
and breathe us in,
letting the fragrance of your love
become our scent,
and you draw us close,
next to your heart,
to feel the empowering rhythm
of your own creative power.

O beloved friend and presence
expanding within our awareness
in a thousand ways,
you spread like wildflowers
in the fields and valleys and meadows
of our journey to you,
creating beauty that permeates
everything that we are.

Take my hand, beloved one,
and let me walk with you wherever you go,
wherever you rest, let me rest,
wherever you wander, let me wander with you.
May your love be my hearing,
and may your heart guide my seeing,
for the imprint of your feet
upon the path
is precious to me.

I come alive when I hear your song.
Spring comes to the garden
within me
whenever you are near
and appear
in the visions of my heart.

Stay with me
Let me wade in the eternal
stream of your love.
Immerse me in the sea
of your surrounding spirit
and feel the waves of your love
dissolving me
within your heart.

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