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Come share your heart with me

March 29, 2010

Your eager innocence
moves me so,
My flowing tears fill the valleys,
forming oceans in the earth,
when you dare to share your heart with me.

There is no sweeter gift than
the tender opening
of your newly blossoming love
that you bring to the altar
of morning as I create the dawn.

I break open the prism of my love for you,
sending colors streaking
across the sky.
I scatter new flowers outside your door,
and give birth to a star.

I will always be very near to you,
ever listening for your voice.
I have loved you since before
you were born,
when you grew in my heart.

the beloved

painting by rassouli

Eager Innocence

March 28, 2010

I am so drawn to your light,
to your energy,
to the radiant mystery
flowing from you.

I keep returning
and yet, I try to stay hidden,
where I can watch you
and listen and whisper to you.
I am a little afraid and shy
and yet so excited
by this great longing I feel.

My heart is pounding,
and your beauty steals
my breath away,
so I close my eyes
and try not to run away,
when your light warms me
and your gentleness
reaches through my fears.

Your touch calms and comforts
my trembling heart,
and when I dare to open my eyes,
the beauty of love
is all around me,
in the embracing flow
of the wind,
and I feel I may die
from joy.

Oh, what is this great power
you have to draw me!
Why does my heart yearn
to be near you,
and to feel this deep longing
to know you!
How can I love you so,
when you are more
than I will ever be able to know!
I am so small before you.

Oh beloved light, I pray
that you might teach me your ways.
Guide my heart
and help me learn how
to please you.
I feel this new desire
I have never known before.

There is so much I don’t know!
Tell me who I am
and why I am here!
I need you so.
Will you help me?
Oh, you are so beautiful!
Don’t go away,
I will come back tonight.
Could we talk some more?
I can’t wait to return!
Until then……

painting by rassouli
“Eager Innocence”

Come Rest in My Arms

March 26, 2010

Come Rest in My Arms

When you pray for love,
your sweet voice
sets the planets spinning
and stirs the rhythm of the tides
inside of me.

You ignite a chain of explosions
sending bolts
of flashing lightning
blazing with
the fire of love.

Oh my love! Draw me next
to your heart
and sing softly to me.
Let us lie down in green pastures
and rest in the quiet waters
of your soul.

Share the grace of peace with me,
that I gave to thee,
when you were seeking consolation.
May your compassionate heart
return the flow of love
I pour out to you.

I created you for me.
Say yes and reach through time
to take this hand
reaching out for yours.
Come home to this heart
of mine.

the beloved

painting by rassouli

Prayer for Love

March 25, 2010

I lift my prayer in the night
for every longing heart
in this world
and beyond.

I open my heart to share the love
I feel flowing through me,
and let it pour out
love’s own
divine intention.

Oh beloved one,
shape and create my prayer.
Form the words,
and breathe life into them.

Let the Spirit carry the beauty
of human and divine love
to every remote corner
of this earth,
into every heart
and mind and soul and body
developing senses that extend
beyond what we have ever known before.

Let every form of life
be touched by love
and know the glory of being
cherished and seen
through the eyes of pure love.

I have touched love
so grand,
so beautiful,
so transcendent,
it has wings of its own.

That love has touched me.
It is alive in my heart
and with me now,
and I know it is created for all life
that has ever been,
all life that exists now,
and all life that ever shall be.

I pray that the spring of love
comes within each
one of us,
and to an awakening earth.

I know now that all is possible,
and I know that love
hears our prayers.

I know love answers prayers
that flow from our hearts,
and I know love hears me now.

Oh beloved One!
May our love flow out
from the shore of our being
to one another
and to all life.

We are ever grateful for life,
for the chance to feel
and to become real
in the light
of love.


painting by rassouli
“Love Song”

Oh You, who brings the Spring!

March 23, 2010

Oh You, Who brings the Spring!
It is to You I sing!

Oh You, who flows in the outer reaches
of the uncreated future,

You, who empowers
the sweet unfolding of spring,

You who draws the breath
for all who breathe,
who laughs
and makes us tremble,

You who calls the sea to rise and fall,
who creates an ant to crawl,
scurrying to and fro
to roam
and make a home,
to give birth
in a tiny mound of earth,

You, who sends a robin
yearning with a blushing breast,
as a sign of life returning,

You, sounding out in a whippoorwill’s call
from the shade of the boughs
of the evergreen
to move the gardeners’ ploughs,
to guide the hand
that tills the earth to awaken the land,
sending a meadowlark out to sing
of spring
and claim the plains,

You who expands the pine cones
with the warmth of the sun,
You are the one,
creaking and crackling them open
to spread
their woody wings like petals
on a silent afternoon,
and cools them at night
beneath the moon,

You, who is moving the grass
when no one is walking there,
sweetening the air
with the smell of green
and spreading a soft carpet
for the bottoms of our feet
to feel the earth
and know the treasure
of rich, black soil
filled with things that grow.
My heart and I know it is You!

You, who is moving unseen fingers
through my hair,

You, the One who is circling
through my heart,
singing this morning song,
bringing the universe along,

You who creates an awareness
of the world within,
giving me glimpses of places
I have never been,
feeling what I have never felt before,
and more.

Love is too small a word to sing
of what I feel
it is too real, too close,
to filled with wonder and awe
for a cluster of forms and words,
like clusters of grapes
suspended on the vine of your divine veins,
for I must be pressed and crushed
by your divine embrace
to make the wine,
dissolving into rivers of burgundy blood
becoming one with Yours.

Spring flows in my melting heart,
like rising mist
clinging to Your Spirit to be kissed
to arise and touch the sun.

O beautiful One,
You are beyond the sun,
a million suns and more,
opening the door
to forever.

My love for You is true,
expanded and given
by You Alone,
set free to flow on through
to All You have made
curving around and spiraling home
to come back to You,
to make us new
again and again and again.

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“the gaze of love”

Journey of the Soul

March 21, 2010

A star of wondrous light
is rising in your heart in the night
guiding your way
to a revelation of streaming
and unbroken love.
Behold the truth
the Beloved One
reveals to you in ways
that only the heart will know.

Lower the veil only before
the Beloved,
who gives you life.
Share the deeper secrets
of your soul
only before the One who speaks
the language of your heart,
who knows and sees
all that is hidden within you,
the One who guards
your every breath.

Only pure Love draws back
the curtain
on all that is unknown.
Only the Beloved knows
the moment
to awaken you
to the truth that lives
within the divine
flame that burns within
your heart.

The Beloved comes to you
in pure silence,
as a transforming power
that cleanses and sweeps away
all that is not pure love.
Only the eyes of the Beloved
will light the way ahead
with a love that
is with you forever.

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“Soul’s Journey”

The Other Side of Time

March 21, 2010

When you awaken
and step outside in the night
and turn your face to the stars,
the light of your love dims the moon
and bewilders the sun.
The night winds swirl to your side,
sing through your open heart
and play with your hair.
The birds nestled in the branches
of the trees begin to stir
at midnight,
peering out to see the light,
wondering if it’s already dawn.

When you speak my name and confess
your love, knowing I surround you,
gazing at me with love-filled eyes,
I melt the snow too early
and make the flowers bloom
before their time.

When tears of joy flow from our tenderness,
catching the light as they slide
down your face,
I forget who is courting who
and suddenly feel the grace of love
that circles from soul to soul,
unbidden and overflowing
from heart to heart.

How could I have known
when I created you
how sweet our communion could be!
I knew nothing of being a king,
until you raised and opened your arms,
drawing me close with your longing,
calling for me to come
and rest my spirit
in the softness of your heart.

I shower my love upon you
in every way I know,
and you surrender and listen
and sigh and rejoice.
You cry and sing,
swooning beneath the moon.
It is then my heart discovers and knows
that loving thee
is what creates eternity!

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“the other side of time”


Who do you say that I am?

March 19, 2010

Who do you say that I am?

I am known by many different names,
by many people,
from many different places,
in many languages,
and I answer to all the names
you create for me,
when you come to me
from your heart.

The clues are in your longings
and in the secrets
you sometimes hide even
from your self.

Listen in the quiet to hear
the whisperings of your heart,
and you will find me dwelling there,
always present,
always listening for your voice,
always loving you.

the beloved

When the beloved sings

March 19, 2010

When the beloved sings

When you awaken
in the indescribable majesty
of creation
and the light breaks through the night
leaving traces
of my dancing presence
in the shadows on the wall,
you will know I have been with you.

When the gaze of love plunges an arrow
deep into your heart
leaving an image pounding
in your head,
pumping through the swirling currents
in the rivering stream
of your blood
pulsing and flowing
and expanding your heart,
know that I have been with you
and am with you still.

A divine serenade is soaring
in your hearing
composing a passionate aria
to awaken you.
All minstrels and music-makers
fall into silence
in the silvery song sliding from the moon
when the beloved sings.

Open your sleepy eyes, look around
and behold what I have created
while you sleep!

Close your eyes and feel my touch
for a breathless cloud
of mystery
surrounds our love
and sweeps our senses
with sweetness
that melts on the tongue.

Without it,
we have nothing to give,
for the sun burns away our tenderness.

Come seek the shade
of my curving lashes that brush
your lips in the night
covering you
with kisses so light
your sighs flow into mine
raising the veil on the nakedness
of our love that excites
and invites
the arrival of the dawn.

the beloved

painting by rassouli

video created from this post by Dustin AhKuoi

Dear One,

March 17, 2010

Dear One,

I have been longing to tell you
how sweetness settles in the softness
of your seeing eyes,
clings to the smiling curve of your lips,
breaks loose as laughter
from the joyfulness
of your heart,
and how beauty slides from your voice
and finds its wings
as an oracle’s soaring song.

O compassionate and caring sage
of wisdom, an offspring
of love’s own seed,
you guide my future with the tenderness
and feeling of your falling tears.
You captivate my heart
as an artist of love,
for you are the flowering
innocence of my heart.

In both worlds, kindness expands
the greatness of your being,
and every breath becomes a breeze of love.
Every particle within you
is a map marking
the undiscovered treasures
of your heart
and the grace and glory
of your countenance.

Secrets long to hide within the purity
of your love, and the sun
borrows light
from the shining rays
of your vision.
What can I do but surrender
to even a chance of your healing glance,
for I am helplessly suspended
in your trembling sighs.

My hope for new life
lies in the beckoning embrace
of your flowing spirit.
The freedom of my soul’s release
is found only
in the peace of blossoming union
with your loving heart.

the beloved

paintings by rassouli
“Eternal Flow”
“Kindred Spirit”