heart to heart to heart

Have you ever traveled until you came
to the end of the earth?

Have you ever climbed a mountain until there
was no more mountain to climb?

Have you ever walked on the floor of the ocean
and felt the ground beneath the sea?

Have you ever finished an urn of wine until
not a drop more could be found?

Have you ever gone to sleep and awakened
in a world where you have never been before?

Have you ever looked at every face in the universe
and realized they were all your own?

Have you ever wandered into the enchantment
of a heart that is filled with nothing but love?

Have you ever felt a deep kiss that transported
you into a mystical state from which you couldn’t return?

Have you ever danced with a stranger and discovered
the music never stops and the dance never ends?

Have you ever felt the distances between you
and everything that exists dissolving in your heart?

Have you ever breathed the pure air that carries the beauty
of the tenderness of the true lovers of God?

Have you ever prayed for the sweet release of every soul
into the freedom of their own beauty?

Have you ever come face to face with God
and discovered your own blindness?

Reach for the hand of One who knows the way
to the infinite beauty of the heart.

Follow the flow of the unmarked path
to the kingdom of the purity of love that lives forever.

Allow your deepest longings to arise
on the wings of the unknown glory of your own heart.

painting by rassouli
“Gateway to Eternity”

2 Responses to “heart to heart to heart”

  1. Lilian al Nahaas Says:

    What a beaut! The freshness of your words manifest the sincerety and beauty of your heart. You shine in His Light and you pour it out like no one else. Can you ever know how far your words flutter away spreading Love, Light, Peace & some?

    ~ May you spread Light always~

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      I really appreciate your taking time to respond to my sharing. It is deeply personal to me, and yet, I quietly share it in the little corner of my winehouse, my sanctuary, the little tree in the garden where I sing of my love for the beauty of all hearts….and the joy it brings to my life.
      Thank you for letting me know you are here too.

      Love, Naomi

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