Love waits with me

You lived long ago and far from this open plain,
yet, how your heart beats in mine, I can’t explain.

I roam the gardens of your heart, remembering your home,
yet, I feel your touch, more surely than my own.

People honor your name, your past, and your history,
and yet, your vibrant love is flowing through me.

When I cry out at night, God sends you,
a beloved friend , bearing a love so good and true.

You promised if love called, you would rise from your tomb,
and when my heart calls your name, you fill my room.

Words arise on the breath of your sighs,
anointed with tears of love from your gazing eyes.

The gift of vision appears as such a gentle grace,
in the glowing light surrounding your face.

O sweet expanding love! May you never depart
from the fields of Joy in this grateful heart!

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