a new dawn

a new dawn

Dare I speak the secrets
that are concealed
in the delicate folds of my robe
of the morning sun,
longings pressing so softly,
they are like satin
brushing against my skin,
moving like warm gentle hands
exploring the miracles
of the slopes and shapes
that emerge,
from the flowering of divine
dreaming and imagining.

I walk through ordinary time,
aware of the eager thirst of lips
drinking the wine of desiring
arising from the chalice
of the heart beneath them,
flowing like a spring of love’s own
streaming rivers pouring out
of the deep profound life
forever seeking
a womb to call home.

The sap rising in the trees
is the anointing grace of creation
stimulated by the love rising
in our hearts
longing to be expressed.

The universe is born
from our longing,
flinging its seeds to the winds,
hoping to find the life-giving warmth,
where the treasures they conceal
might find a welcoming
place to be born.

When we dare to love
with our whole hearts and souls,
and when we risk
expressing it freely and purely,
together, we create
a world
of unimagined beauty.

a beloved

painting by rassouli
Joy Vibrations

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