touching the horizon with light

touching the horizon with light

love sweetens my sleep
as the sun settles into my heart
and night falls around me
for love makes its home
in a heart expanding like the sun

a lover is awakened by love
to discover the moon is suspended in the sky
outside the window
decorated by the beloved in the night with a single light
infusing the lover
with messages of love that
appear in the heart

the moon rises within a grateful heart
where the beloved shines as the source of the light
that created the moon

stars show their faces
in the reflections of the wine of love
like little faces
on transparent crystals
that reflect the colors of light as rainbows
to those who gaze with love
never knowing the beloved is lighting
the way to all seeing

light plays and dances
throughout the day and night
within and without
and lovers bear witness to it
in their dancing eyes

at the first touch of dawn
the sun becomes the morning star
rising in hearts that are glowing
and sweetened by love

all the time the beauty of waterfalls
are spilling over
upon the earth
falling from new heights
and new dimensions
created in the sky of the souls of lovers

lovers create messages
tracing love notes
on the face of the moon
hiding them in the stardust
that forms a path
to the heart

only lovers can see them
and know
what they say

lovers form salty oceans
where they swim
in tears from their own longing

lovers create divine breezes
that flow as the breath of love
where the breathing in one heart
breathes in another
who loves

the eyes open in the heart
and lovers awaken
feeling a presence enlarging the room
forming a gaze
that sees the beloved through the vision
out of which they have been formed

night-faring messengers
light the flame in the hearts
of lovers
creating little fires that begin to blaze
with a greater love
casting a glow that spreads
and grows

there is no distance
that love
cannot bridge with tenderness
and no loneliness
that cannot be sweetened with the wine
pressed from the joy of love

lovers are fire-tenders
and singers of songs
tellers of stories
painting clues and writing secrets
wrapping tender love notes
dipped in sweet wine
sending out flaming lover-slaying arrows
to land in the heart

the laughter of a lover
opens a spring in the heart of another
and the tears of a lover appear
in the eyes of another
sliding down both faces tracing trails
to their lips

the beloved created lips
and formed them from a longing to taste
love in the sweetness of a kiss

love is ever resourceful in imagining
and blazing new ways
to awaken sleeping lovers
like painting a personal sun
to watch over each heart
to illumine all dreaming
with the light of love

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“touch of dawn”

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