feathering wonder of grace

the edges of the night
guard the mysterious silence
that surrounds me
wrapping my dreams in softness
obscuring the light wanting to reveal
the unfolding beauty
of a blossoming truth

love gently holds me
in divine tenderness
forming swirling gardens
in the transparent clouds of spirit
suspending me
in a sweet delicacy of being
that no longer
seems to touch the earth

trailing roots of my mind
swing in breezes of divine mystery
reaching for solid ground
wanting to grow
and create new worlds
emerging from the deep longings
of a heart
spreading wings of love
created from
the feathering wonder
of God

compassionate tears of great love
form stars of light
in soulful eyes to keep
a sacred vigil
of beholding beauty
falling from heights beyond
the moon
in breathtaking
waterfalls of grace

thousands of hearts
are praying for awakening
for the remembrance
and recognition
of the transforming light
out of which we come

lullabies of love
gather in clouds cradling
the treasured voices of centuries
singing the songs
of wandering lovers
of the beloved

O beloved ones
I pray
the voices of love might
touch the hearing
of all creation

may the divine hush
of God
envelop the earth
bringing the sacred silence
that opens hearts
to the sweet existence
of the beloved

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