Who is your beloved?

If You were to create a path to your beloved
through your own hidden clues and longings,
where would it lead you?

If you were to gather all the moments you have felt love,
and all the times you have felt the surge of love
flowing through your heart that you could not explain or describe,
or if you were to remember all the times
you have felt a hunger for love,
or felt a thirst for the living water
and for the meaning of all life,
all the times you have felt a hunger for bread,
or an unending thirst
for a cool drink of water,
who would bring it to you in loving hands?

If you could capture a longing for a steaming cup
of fresh coffee or tea,
or a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea on a hot day,
or package a persistent desire
for your favorite food,
or paint a yearning for someone to love you
and hold you
in comforting arms,
how would they appear?

If you could write of your longings
for a true friend to listen to you,
to be with you,
to see who you really are,
a friend to share something you love to do,
to rejoice in your personal growth,
someone who encourages you to keep going
and who picks you up when you fall down,
who helps you toward your goal,
who would hear that longing and come to you?

Who would your Beloved be?

How would the face of All longings in the world appear?

How would you describe such a deep spring of Love
that would answer
all that you have ever dreamed?

How would you respond to a Beloved
that sees you through your worst times,
your greatest suffering,
who keeps a vigil with you through every moment,
every day, and for all time?

How would a Beloved look who creates every flower, every tree,
every landscape, every garden, every prairie and meadow,
and forms all lakes, rivers, streams, ponds
mountains, oceans, and every sea?

How would a Beloved appear who creates
every person in your life,
who gives you hands that are miracles in themselves,
who starts your heart beating to give you life?

Who would it be?

What if your Beloved were waiting so near to you,
that you could feel the breath,
the breath of a Beloved who created skin
that is soft and warm and yielding
to the touch of love?

Oh my friend, our moments of wondering
and dreaming set our path to create
a journey that leads us home
for all time and all eternity!

Know that your smallest dreams and wishes and prayers
become a path to bigger dreams and deeper longings
all the while guiding you to the great Heart
that will win your heart,
for a creative lover pays attention
keeps a vigil,
and knows your every thought,
your smallest concern,
your wishes and worries,
your deepest hungers,
and creates a universe to surround you
to grant you the deepest longings
of your heart
and to fill your soul
with the light of the love you share.

What kind of a lover are you
and who is the Beloved who is creating you?

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