I prepare a place for you

I Prepare a Place for you

Abide in me.
Come live with me,
within this heart I open
now to you.

I go before you
to prepare a place for you.
Come rest a while
in the refuge of my arms.

Feel the warmth of my love
surround you.
Dwell within me and know
how I delight in you.

I am the vine
through which the wine
of love is ever
flowing through you.

You cannot leave this heart
and live, for you
are already too much a part
of all that I am.

Let me gaze
through your eyes
and reveal the light of love
in the morning sun.

Let me reach
the broken ones through you.
Guide them to this heart
ever open to you.

I wait for you
each night, to settle in my arms,
to rest your weary head
upon my heart.

I prepare a feast for you,
anointing you with tenderness,
and our hearts are
running over with love.

Abide with me
in this heart I have prepared
for you, and we will
dwell in love forever.

the beloved

painting by rassouli

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