The Light of True Vision

The Light of True Vision

O heart of my heart!
If you could only see what I see,
you would search no more
for jewels of wisdom,
nor would you choose one
more disguise
to adorn your naked beauty,
for all the priceless gifts ever formed
in creation have blossomed
from the holy treasure
of your heart.

The light of the sun and moon and stars
shine from the secret places
of your being
lighting my way
through the sacred paths within you,
for love curls up
to rest in the sweetness
of your heart,
and awakens in the reflections
of my enchanted eyes.

You marvel at the trail of beauty
strewn across the earth and in the skies,
never knowing it all flows
from the reflection of you
in my eyes.

It is not the object of love
that sparks the flame of life
to leap and start,
it is from the gaze of my beholding
your precious heart.

the beloved

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