Dear One,

Dear One,

I have been longing to tell you
how sweetness settles in the softness
of your seeing eyes,
clings to the smiling curve of your lips,
breaks loose as laughter
from the joyfulness
of your heart,
and how beauty slides from your voice
and finds its wings
as an oracle’s soaring song.

O compassionate and caring sage
of wisdom, an offspring
of love’s own seed,
you guide my future with the tenderness
and feeling of your falling tears.
You captivate my heart
as an artist of love,
for you are the flowering
innocence of my heart.

In both worlds, kindness expands
the greatness of your being,
and every breath becomes a breeze of love.
Every particle within you
is a map marking
the undiscovered treasures
of your heart
and the grace and glory
of your countenance.

Secrets long to hide within the purity
of your love, and the sun
borrows light
from the shining rays
of your vision.
What can I do but surrender
to even a chance of your healing glance,
for I am helplessly suspended
in your trembling sighs.

My hope for new life
lies in the beckoning embrace
of your flowing spirit.
The freedom of my soul’s release
is found only
in the peace of blossoming union
with your loving heart.

the beloved

paintings by rassouli
“Eternal Flow”
“Kindred Spirit”

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