When the beloved sings

When the beloved sings

When you awaken
in the indescribable majesty
of creation
and the light breaks through the night
leaving traces
of my dancing presence
in the shadows on the wall,
you will know I have been with you.

When the gaze of love plunges an arrow
deep into your heart
leaving an image pounding
in your head,
pumping through the swirling currents
in the rivering stream
of your blood
pulsing and flowing
and expanding your heart,
know that I have been with you
and am with you still.

A divine serenade is soaring
in your hearing
composing a passionate aria
to awaken you.
All minstrels and music-makers
fall into silence
in the silvery song sliding from the moon
when the beloved sings.

Open your sleepy eyes, look around
and behold what I have created
while you sleep!

Close your eyes and feel my touch
for a breathless cloud
of mystery
surrounds our love
and sweeps our senses
with sweetness
that melts on the tongue.

Without it,
we have nothing to give,
for the sun burns away our tenderness.

Come seek the shade
of my curving lashes that brush
your lips in the night
covering you
with kisses so light
your sighs flow into mine
raising the veil on the nakedness
of our love that excites
and invites
the arrival of the dawn.

the beloved

painting by rassouli

video created from this post by Dustin AhKuoi