Journey of the Soul

A star of wondrous light
is rising in your heart in the night
guiding your way
to a revelation of streaming
and unbroken love.
Behold the truth
the Beloved One
reveals to you in ways
that only the heart will know.

Lower the veil only before
the Beloved,
who gives you life.
Share the deeper secrets
of your soul
only before the One who speaks
the language of your heart,
who knows and sees
all that is hidden within you,
the One who guards
your every breath.

Only pure Love draws back
the curtain
on all that is unknown.
Only the Beloved knows
the moment
to awaken you
to the truth that lives
within the divine
flame that burns within
your heart.

The Beloved comes to you
in pure silence,
as a transforming power
that cleanses and sweeps away
all that is not pure love.
Only the eyes of the Beloved
will light the way ahead
with a love that
is with you forever.

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“Soul’s Journey”

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