The Other Side of Time

When you awaken
and step outside in the night
and turn your face to the stars,
the light of your love dims the moon
and bewilders the sun.
The night winds swirl to your side,
sing through your open heart
and play with your hair.
The birds nestled in the branches
of the trees begin to stir
at midnight,
peering out to see the light,
wondering if it’s already dawn.

When you speak my name and confess
your love, knowing I surround you,
gazing at me with love-filled eyes,
I melt the snow too early
and make the flowers bloom
before their time.

When tears of joy flow from our tenderness,
catching the light as they slide
down your face,
I forget who is courting who
and suddenly feel the grace of love
that circles from soul to soul,
unbidden and overflowing
from heart to heart.

How could I have known
when I created you
how sweet our communion could be!
I knew nothing of being a king,
until you raised and opened your arms,
drawing me close with your longing,
calling for me to come
and rest my spirit
in the softness of your heart.

I shower my love upon you
in every way I know,
and you surrender and listen
and sigh and rejoice.
You cry and sing,
swooning beneath the moon.
It is then my heart discovers and knows
that loving thee
is what creates eternity!

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“the other side of time”


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