Oh You, who brings the Spring!

Oh You, Who brings the Spring!
It is to You I sing!

Oh You, who flows in the outer reaches
of the uncreated future,

You, who empowers
the sweet unfolding of spring,

You who draws the breath
for all who breathe,
who laughs
and makes us tremble,

You who calls the sea to rise and fall,
who creates an ant to crawl,
scurrying to and fro
to roam
and make a home,
to give birth
in a tiny mound of earth,

You, who sends a robin
yearning with a blushing breast,
as a sign of life returning,

You, sounding out in a whippoorwill’s call
from the shade of the boughs
of the evergreen
to move the gardeners’ ploughs,
to guide the hand
that tills the earth to awaken the land,
sending a meadowlark out to sing
of spring
and claim the plains,

You who expands the pine cones
with the warmth of the sun,
You are the one,
creaking and crackling them open
to spread
their woody wings like petals
on a silent afternoon,
and cools them at night
beneath the moon,

You, who is moving the grass
when no one is walking there,
sweetening the air
with the smell of green
and spreading a soft carpet
for the bottoms of our feet
to feel the earth
and know the treasure
of rich, black soil
filled with things that grow.
My heart and I know it is You!

You, who is moving unseen fingers
through my hair,

You, the One who is circling
through my heart,
singing this morning song,
bringing the universe along,

You who creates an awareness
of the world within,
giving me glimpses of places
I have never been,
feeling what I have never felt before,
and more.

Love is too small a word to sing
of what I feel
it is too real, too close,
to filled with wonder and awe
for a cluster of forms and words,
like clusters of grapes
suspended on the vine of your divine veins,
for I must be pressed and crushed
by your divine embrace
to make the wine,
dissolving into rivers of burgundy blood
becoming one with Yours.

Spring flows in my melting heart,
like rising mist
clinging to Your Spirit to be kissed
to arise and touch the sun.

O beautiful One,
You are beyond the sun,
a million suns and more,
opening the door
to forever.

My love for You is true,
expanded and given
by You Alone,
set free to flow on through
to All You have made
curving around and spiraling home
to come back to You,
to make us new
again and again and again.

the beloved

painting by rassouli
“the gaze of love”

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