Prayer for Love

I lift my prayer in the night
for every longing heart
in this world
and beyond.

I open my heart to share the love
I feel flowing through me,
and let it pour out
love’s own
divine intention.

Oh beloved one,
shape and create my prayer.
Form the words,
and breathe life into them.

Let the Spirit carry the beauty
of human and divine love
to every remote corner
of this earth,
into every heart
and mind and soul and body
developing senses that extend
beyond what we have ever known before.

Let every form of life
be touched by love
and know the glory of being
cherished and seen
through the eyes of pure love.

I have touched love
so grand,
so beautiful,
so transcendent,
it has wings of its own.

That love has touched me.
It is alive in my heart
and with me now,
and I know it is created for all life
that has ever been,
all life that exists now,
and all life that ever shall be.

I pray that the spring of love
comes within each
one of us,
and to an awakening earth.

I know now that all is possible,
and I know that love
hears our prayers.

I know love answers prayers
that flow from our hearts,
and I know love hears me now.

Oh beloved One!
May our love flow out
from the shore of our being
to one another
and to all life.

We are ever grateful for life,
for the chance to feel
and to become real
in the light
of love.


painting by rassouli
“Love Song”

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