Eager Innocence

I am so drawn to your light,
to your energy,
to the radiant mystery
flowing from you.

I keep returning
and yet, I try to stay hidden,
where I can watch you
and listen and whisper to you.
I am a little afraid and shy
and yet so excited
by this great longing I feel.

My heart is pounding,
and your beauty steals
my breath away,
so I close my eyes
and try not to run away,
when your light warms me
and your gentleness
reaches through my fears.

Your touch calms and comforts
my trembling heart,
and when I dare to open my eyes,
the beauty of love
is all around me,
in the embracing flow
of the wind,
and I feel I may die
from joy.

Oh, what is this great power
you have to draw me!
Why does my heart yearn
to be near you,
and to feel this deep longing
to know you!
How can I love you so,
when you are more
than I will ever be able to know!
I am so small before you.

Oh beloved light, I pray
that you might teach me your ways.
Guide my heart
and help me learn how
to please you.
I feel this new desire
I have never known before.

There is so much I don’t know!
Tell me who I am
and why I am here!
I need you so.
Will you help me?
Oh, you are so beautiful!
Don’t go away,
I will come back tonight.
Could we talk some more?
I can’t wait to return!
Until then……

painting by rassouli
“Eager Innocence”

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