A song for my sons!

Sometimes, when I awaken,
I have no idea
what time of day it is!
Time has slipped away from me,
and the beaming moonlight
sneaking through my blinds,
calls me out to play beyond my caring!

The night can be
like a childhood friend,
climbing in my window, whispering,
Come out and play with me!
The beacon of light
points the way to fun!

I thank God every day
that my heart knows the way
to the sacred ground
of play!

Those imaginary friends
we found when we were young,
were spirits of love,
returning to earth to enjoy
what they missed when they were here!

Those condescending looks,
those musty books,
the scrolls and degrees,
the manicured trees,
and all that tries to reel us in,
perhaps therein is the sin.

My playmates are my precious friends,
and I am old in years,
but my heart is young and free!

Three cheers for those lost boys
of Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle,
who sprinkle us with pixie dust!
She used to fly out
every time I opened my drawer,
tinkling in her magic way
to transform the day!

Oh dreamers of the world, unite!
Don’t give up without a fight!
Paint the world with light,
and don’t stay in the lines
that others draw!

Let colors tumble from your laughter
and take you by the hand
to turn those castles in the sand
into stars!
Leave your day unplanned!

Perhaps the world will pay you
to help us all
remember how to play,
and you can call it work,
but only share the secret with those
who won’t tell
that life isn’t meant
to make us mad and sad and dizzy
from being so busy,
but is calling you to create
a day to celebrate!

Spread your wings of joy
and fly,
and I will be close by
thankful you found the gold,
and didn’t let me fall
into being old.

And I love you so!
My favorite song to sing
in my remembering!

4 Responses to “A song for my sons!”

  1. ani ahavah Says:

    Oh, Naomi, how magical it is to tip toe through this with you and your grandchildren and my nieces and nephews and everyone who knows how to keep the secret of pure delight.

  2. Naomi Says:

    And how magical it is to find you here. Ani. Would that I could post all the faces of those you know and love and the heart within you that knows the way!!
    Thank you for singing with me!
    Love, Naomi

  3. Ingrid Coke Says:

    Dearest Naomi, reading this brought tears to my eyes in such a delightful way, as it lovingly and gently reminds me of really why we are here…to experience our true essence and that is LOVE, LIGHT and JOY. Thank you for choosing to be a channel through which LOVE, LIGHT and JOY flow. :-))

    • Naomi Says:

      Thank you so much for your comments, Ingrid. This is a favorite picture of my sons,
      one is married with a family and works for Disney.
      The other one teaches kids to ski in the Rocky Mountains, is a graphic artist, and plays guitar, sings, and writes songs. They live the joy!!

      Love, Naomi

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