Beauty beyond our Eyes

I searched for the most beautiful place in the world.
Where is the beauty that steals the breath
that beholds it?

In all creation, where is beauty most alive,
most inspiring, most stimulating,
most commanding?

I run to the edge of the universe and feel
the expanse of a great darkness
beyond what I can see.

My heart stirs and begins expanding
into unimaginable emptiness
of an endless void.

Creation energy is poised between breaths
unmoving in the absence of light,
a point of vast stillness.

Where could the sum of the Source
of all that exists dwell in this
cosmic place?

Suddenly, I knew the divine essence
of God gathering energy
before giving birth.

The compressed intensity beyond all else
is the threshold of God
about to create.

No beauty in all the earth compares
with the depth of divine love when
it moves to express.

The unlimited power and potential
of this gathering energy
is the source of life.

This is beauty unsurpassed
and unexpressed from
which we come.

One Response to “Beauty beyond our Eyes”

  1. Ingrid Coke Says:

    Simply beeaaaauuutiful !

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