My Song of Love in the Night

My Song of Love in the Night

O king of my heart, guardian of my life,
you reign over my days and nights,
allowing the light of your presence
to fill the spaces
of our sweet togetherness
with all you create!

Forgive us for our lack of faith,
for our pointless fears,
for running from your generosity,
for hiding from your grace,
we feel so undeserving,
we fall into rivalry wanting power
that is not our own.

Nothing can contain you
or keep you from sharing and giving
all I ever need for living.
You reveal divine power beyond
all comprehension,
and fill the pristine wilderness
of my heart with visions
of splendor my eyes
have never seen.

Love renders me weak,
empowers me with joy expressed,
summons my surrendering soul
to melt in the magnitude
of your Spirit.
The evening approaches like
a mysterious lover
engendering excitement
as you arrive beneath a sky
filled with stars.

You shower the earth with
cleansing rains,
as if it were your own naked body,
announcing your coming,
releasing a fragrance
of life from the thirsty ground,
arousing a desire
I am unable to explain.

Engulfed in your love,
my song takes flight to soar
from the deeper music
of my heart
to write messages upon the moon,
the way you write them
upon my heart.
May morning be filled
with the blinding light of
my love for you.

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