Dancing with the Light

Some days all I can do is dance
swirling in the light of love,
in a ballroom without walls
an endless sky,
sustained by joy!

Painting by Rassouli
“Light Dance”

2 Responses to “Dancing with the Light”

  1. Ingrid Coke Says:

    Wow! To say the least. I’m deeply moved and delightfully captivated by the boldness of the Beauty of ALL THAT IS reflecting in this painting. To describe what I feel is to limit it. This is the Dance of All That Is. 🙂

  2. Naomi Says:

    It is a wonderfully joyful painting! I agree. I was spellbound when I first saw it.
    I meant to write beneath it….that it is Rassouli’s painting. I was sort of letting it stand without many words, but to let the beauty speak for itself.
    It is one he did a while back, he simply calls it “Light Dance”
    Where are the words for a painting like this!

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