let love tell the story

let love tell the story

a lover wearing the cloak of night
disappears at dawn
breaks the fasting from the light
and vanishes from sight

dwelling in the stillness of the pause
the sun breaks through
the revolving
door of the heart
circling between light and dark
sending wordless messages
at dawn
sliding down a ray of light
like falling curls
drunk with golden wine
from an orchard so divine
all are suspended
in the reverie
of mystery

the lover discovers
with each new day
the beloved wears a new disguise
only the heart can feel
and recognize
the life enhancing melting glance
of those dissolving eyes

soundings from an outer darkness
a voiceless love
speaks directly to the heart
all sweet illusion
to create a chaos
of divine confusion

be assured the sudden pain
of the burning flame
is meant to
to leave you shaken
to awaken you to be aware
how the beloved
is gently
caressing your golden hair

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