arc of freedom

when the fire of love breaks free
of captivity
the sparks create an arc
to other hearts
no matter how far
unless love finds the air
to breathe
and reach for life
it will glow in hidden coals
until the breath of the beloved
fans it into flame


3 Responses to “arc of freedom”

  1. Ingrid Coke Says:

    Namaste Naomi,

    This is sooo Divine. This resonates with me, as there are times when the Love that I feel in my heart is somewhat like the glow of the hidden coals. I sometimes become very restless. When it breaks free, I then experience a great sense of relief, then the release of such joy and peace and the true happiness from within. Bliss 🙂

    Thank you…Ingrid

  2. Naomi Says:

    Your response is a good description of the cycling of the energy. I can take on concerns and feel it mounting, and it feels like it is expanding inside, and then I experience the breakthrough. We have to be fearlessly surrendered to love to push through the rational thinking that clings to our roles in the world. Then a shift takes place, and the heart guides us…

  3. Ingrid Coke Says:

    Indeed…and so it is, Naomi and so it is. :-))

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